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Naoko Moller

Naoko Moller


Naoko Moller

A Japanese cooking connoisseur. An ESL Educator.

Born in a Zen Buddhist temple in Niigata, Japan, raised in Hawaii and in Japan at Zen Buddhist temples.

Learned how to cook by assisting her mother from an early age and as a minister's wife by cooking for large groups at Zen Buddhist temples.

Conducts Zen Buddhist vegetarian cooking workshops and educational workshops for parents and teachers in England, America, and in Japan.

Operated an English School in Japan for over 20 years and worked also as a teacher-trainer while managing the temple.

Moved to Hawaii and taught Japanese language and Japanese culture at Honolulu Waldorf School.

Conducting Zen Buddhist vegetarian cooking workshops, cultural and educational workshops for parents and teachers both in America and in Japan.

Currently enjoying off-the-grid life in Northern California with her husband.


I'm Naoko Moller.

With her husband based in Northern California and Hawaii

While enjoying the dual life

Teaching devoted food,

Events related to English education

We are planning and managing.

Born in a Zen temple in Niigata and raised in a temple in Hawaii from the age of eight

While going back and forth between Japan and Hawaii

I learned shōjin ryō with the help of my mother.

2010, many years in Northern California,

Meet a husband who lives off-the-grid, self-sufficient,

I remarried and moved to Northern California.

After running an English class in Niigata for 20 years,

Obtained a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language / Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, UK

I studied Steiner education and teaching methods in California.

After that, at the Waldorf School in Honolulu, Hawaii,

I taught Japanese and ESL.

Every August, we plan and manage an intensive program of English education in the UK.

In addition, we are developing English programs online using English books.

Currently in the mountains of Northern California, USA, with his lawyer's husband, based in his second home, a temple in Hawaii, in the winter, through cooking classes, workshops and retreats, he organizes events related to devotion, culture and education. We offer a wide range of people.



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