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Dispose of your own trash yourself

In off-the-grid life, public garbage collection does not come around, so you have to dispose of your own garbage.

Since it is a daily thing, in an environment where there is no off-the-grid and garbage collection, we will avoid disposable items as much as possible, and we will choose items that can be reused and those that can be returned to the soil, but as a daily attitude, " It is also important to be aware of "reducing garbage".


What about combustible garbage?

Of course, the garbage will be returned to the ground. As a compost, go to the garden.

Burnable garbage is stored and burned together with twigs and dead trees on the premises during the rainy season, from winter to early spring.

Dry Northern California can't burn fire or burn trash at any time.

Because it leads to a forest fire.

Here, register with the fire department, pay for it, call on the day you want to burn it, check if it's okay to burn it today, and then burn it.

It's about between morning and noon.

Cloth napkins for meals.

I don't use paper napkins. I didn't buy any tissue.


Cut old sheets, towels, shirts, etc. and use them instead of a rag before throwing them away.

What about non-burnable garbage ...?

They are sorted in a storeroom, and twice a year, a friend comes by truck to collect the sorted non-burnable garbage and recyclable items and bring them to the county garbage incinerator.

I try not to use plastics, which must be discarded, in my life as much as possible.


Be careful

* Do not use plastic ones as much as possible.

* Do not use wraps as much as possible.

* Do not buy paper plates, paper napkins, etc.

Use cloth tables and napkins at the table.

* Do not buy large garbage bags.

* Do not buy water or beverages in PET bottles.

* Do not buy Styrofoam that does not decompose.

* Purchase powders, beans, dried fruits, etc. by weight as much as possible.

* Use pottery storage bottles and glass bottles to store dried foods.

The storage bottles are reused many times.


Back to land

As much as possible, buy and use natural materials that return to the soil.

As much as possible, use natural materials that return to the soil.

Disposable items are convenient or cheap, but mountain life requires living as a part of nature and coexisting with the wild.

If it's too throat, that's fine. It does not mean that it is okay to put it in a trash bag, but that we always take responsibility for our actions, and we return the discharged trash to the soil.

Like the old people lived ...

I try not to forget the attitude of living, which should be the case, and try to live as close as possible to it.

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