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"mindful reading through a child's eyes"

English picture book online lessons
How to Read, Enjoy, and Utilize English Picture Books
in Your Classrooms or at Home

ZOOM online lessons

English teachers, those who are reading aloud, those who like English picture books,

This 90-minute private lesson is for those who want to enjoy English picture books with their children at home, those who want to teach English using English picture books in the future, and those who want to deepen while enjoying English picture books.


After applying, you will be asked to select the picture book you read in the lesson with me and purchase it yourself.

We will send you the specified form and book review, so fill it out as your own memorandum and as a lesson preparation to prepare for the lesson.

After reading a picture book

We will connect it to the idea sharing of activities.


* I want to enjoy English books more deeply

* A picture book that I'm curious about but don't know how to read

* I want to find a picture book suitable for English lessons

* I'm looking for a picture book that is suitable for reading aloud in circles, etc.

* I want to read a picture book with my child

* I don't know how to read

* I'm not confident in pronunciation


Let's think together and solve what you are wondering about.

We will help you increase your English withdrawals.

Lesson outline:

1 lesson 90 minutes

Please choose from three courses.

One trial 6000 yen / $ 60.oo

3 times course 16000 yen / $ 160.oo

5 times course 25000 yen / $ 250.oo

You can change the course while taking the course.

The course tuition fee is valid for one year, so you can schedule it with plenty of time.

Please feel free to contact us for details / application.

English picture book online lesson

I am looking forward to meeting you through picture books.

Enjoy Reading ♪

Looking forward to seeing you ♪

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