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Basics Ichiju Sansai 3 weeks continuous course
Step-up course for those who have completed the basics

~ Yuru vegetarian food ~

A loose vegetarian set / one plate based on the concept of Zen temple shōjin cuisine

This is a course that you can make online with you.

In this cooking class, each student cooks at the same time as me in Northern California while looking at the recipe prepared here in their own kitchen, and even serves it on a plate or a set.

* Participation form is up to you. For example, you can just look at it.


Unlike ordinary cooking classes, we combine the ingredients at home and the side dishes that are often served on the table, and serve them on a well-balanced set / one plate.

By serving on one plate or set, you can check the overall balance with your own eyes.

Not only the taste, but also what is missing and what should be added to make it look more beautiful as a single meal.

I will think.


Ichiju Sansai Basic Edition 3 weeks continuous course


202 January February Japan time: February 21, 28, Sunday, March 7 10:00 am --11:30 am

West Coast, Hawaii the day before

2021 March canceled classes

April 16th, 23rd and 30th (Friday)

May 11, 18 and 25 (Tuesday)

Tuition fee: 9000 yen / $ 85.00

(For Japan, transfer will be made, and for the United States, payment will be made by mail or Paypal.)

Lesson time: 90 minutes

Japan time 10:00 am --11:30 am

West Coast Time 5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Hawaii time 3:00 pm-4:30 pm


Capacity 8 people

* Please contact us if you live outside of Japan, Hawaii, or the West of the United States and would like to take a class.

Classes will be set up with 5 or more participants.

DSC_0010 25.JPG

Theme of each lesson:

1st time: What is shōjin ryō?

Second time: "Knowledge of the creator"

Third time: "Knowledge of the recipient"


Lesson flow

Preparation until the day before:

Prepare the instructed ingredients

Immediately before the lesson:

Preparation for menu:

Menu is "Ichiju Sansai"

One soup (rice, soup, pickles) Represents three vegetables.

* Menu is subject to change depending on the season.


Prepare and set the tableware as instructed

In the case of one plate, as large a plate as possible, soup bowl, chopsticks, fork, etc.

If it is a set, set it on the tray, if not, on the table.

On the tray, a rice bowl, a soup bowl, a small bean plate for pickles, two small plates, and one medium plate.

Cooking preparation:

Arrange the vegetables or substitutes, seasonings, etc. that were instructed.

If instructed, cook rice and make miso soup

Prepare pickles

Prepare colorful things that can be used for coloring

(Cherry tomatoes, fruits, green perilla, trefoil, green onions, Japanese pepper, pickled ginger, lettuce, etc.)


We will introduce dishes that use ingredients that are familiar to you, based on shōjin ryō (vegan), avoid meat, processed foods, and ready-made seasonings as much as possible, and incorporate many plant-based (vegetable) dishes.

There is also a menu that contains soup stock such as seafood, dairy products, and eggs instead of being completely vegan.

The recipe is in Japanese, and the lessons are supplemented in Japanese with English related to food. Cooking English is a little special, but it is useful to know. It will also increase your English vocabulary and help you better understand the food culture of other countries.

I am looking forward to seeing you at ZOOM.

Application / Inquiry

Email title: "Ichiju Sansai"

Name, age, address

Please write a brief self-introduction, motivation for application, commitment to food, favorite dishes, etc.

Click ← and apply by email. About class details, ZOOM

We will send you the transfer information of the course fee.

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