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Wisdom obtained in the off-grid self-sufficient living

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Shopping together

A 30-minute drive on the rattling mountain road to the city below. We buy them once a week and once every 10 days.

Stock dry matter and material cans

Make miso, mirin, jam, sauce, etc.

Miso and mirin are prepared several times a year, and sauces such as jam and worcestershire sauce are prepared once a year from the berries harvested in the summer.

Cooking is set up

Cook 3 days as one cycle.

Prepare for the time being.

3R Reduce Reuse Recycle


Reduce : Do not put out, reduce


Reuse : Avoid disposables and reuse


Recycling : Recycling things, donating to resource recycling, thrift shops, etc.

* Environmentally friendly and leads to waste reduction

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