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New Year 2020
How to Enjoy English Picture Book Workshop in Hawaii
~ 2 days to get close to Hawaii
Saturday, January 4th 10:00 am-4:00 pm
5th (Sunday) 10:00 am-4:00 pm

An English picture book workshop will be held in Hawaii, the second hometown. We will introduce you to English books and take you to the Hawaii State Public Library in downtown. After the workshop, we are planning a social gathering at Kakaako, a hotspot in Honolulu.


At this time, from the perspective of Steiner education,

English picture book, and by extension, how to read "picture book",

Here's how to enjoy it.

Beginning with the story of an English picture book

Children grow up, parents learn together,

About children's language acquisition and life

I will talk.

Not only superficial knowledge, but also leads to learning with a foot on the ground

I would like to tell you about the relationship with picture books.

[I would like this person to come ♪]

・ I like picture books

・ I like English books

・ I want to learn English using English books

・ I want to experience foreign cultural customs

・ I want to enjoy English picture books more deeply

・ I don't know how to read

・ I want to read in English

・ I'm not confident in English pronunciation

・ I want to read a picture book with my child

・ I want children to like books

・ I want children to like English

・ I'm wondering if my child should learn English

・ I'm wondering if I should buy expensive teaching materials

・ Working with children


Date: Friday, April 19th 10: 15-12: 15

Participation fee: 2000 yen

What to bring: writing instruments

Capacity: 20 people

* The content is not for children, but small children can also participate.

Venue: Koide Town, Uonuma City View Hot Spring Komami

2083-1 Aoshima, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture 946-00: 0043
TEL: 025-792-8001

Application: Anabonu Misako Please apply by phone.


Naoko Moller Please apply by e-mail.

April Niigata Picture Book Workshop

Sponsored by: Solomon Education


What is Steiner Education?

It is a ground-based education that emphasizes the balance of "body," "heart," and "head."

Steiner education was advocated by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), an Austrian (now Croatian) -born philosopher.
His ideological system has influenced a wide range of fields such as society, economy, medicine, and agriculture, one of which is education.

The first school was founded in Germany in 1919, shortly after World War I. Since then, it has spread all over the world, and it is said that there are now more than 1,000 schools and more than 1,500 kindergartens in more than 60 countries around the world.

In Japan, there are more than 7 full-time schools and more than 50 gardens. (As of 2017)

References: What is Steiner Education? What kind of education? What kind of child do you grow up in?



Naoko Moller

Born in Ryutani Temple, former Taiwa Town, moved to Hawaii from the age of eight. After that, he grew up going back and forth between Japan and Hawaii. Operated an English class in Rokukamachi for 15 years and then in Tokyo for 4 years, engaged in instructor training, studied Steiner education and teaching methods in California, and taught English as a second language and foreign language at the University of Birmingham, UK. Obtain a master's degree in law. In 2008, he taught at the Honolulu Steiner Waldorf School in Hawaii. Currently in the mountains of Northern California, USA with his lawyer's husband, based in his second home, a temple in Hawaii, in winter, mainly children's education, Japanese culture, and bilingual storytelling, shōjin cooking classes, etc. , Offers a wide range of cooking workshops and retreats in the US, UK and Japan. Living Ohana Hawaii, a non-profit organization with the themes of education, mind, and food, is presided over by the bilingual library and Ohana library.

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