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Domestic wastewater piggybacking on the natural cycle

There is no sewer in my house living off-the-grid.

Looking down from the porch of the house, there is an orchard (fruit field). Trees such as apples, cherries and quince bring a lot of blessings every year.

A tank of domestic wastewater is buried underground under the orchard cherry tree. This is the septic system, a septic tank that treats sewage, which has been used for more than 30 years.


Structure of the septic system

This mechanism is
Once the sewage is stored in the tank and fills to a certain extent, it naturally permeates underground.

This system causes water pollution due to underground infiltration if the land that receives the discharged sewage is not large.

Fortunately, I think it is possible only if there is a vast land in a mountain like my home.

I am grateful that I can live in a state of balance with nature without using any chemicals.


We, humans, are not the only ones who benefit.


Of course, there are times when we take care in our daily lives.

For example, in general, I try to choose biodegradable (which decomposes the ingredients).

Small stacks support everyday life.

The day started today thanks to the beautiful scenery.

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