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Yuru Shojin ryori made at home

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Even Japanese people tend to think that they know it, but surprisingly they don't know it.

"Vegetarian food is the basis of the Japanese"

This cooking class is a place where you can make a loose vegetarian set / one plate online with you based on the concept of Zenji's shōjin ryō.

`` Get used to it rather than learn it''

Here, each student sees the recipe prepared here in their own kitchen at home, and at that time, they are taught the proportion of the amount of ingredients, and according to the amount to make, in the mountains of Northern California. I cook at the same time as I am at home, and even serve it on a plate or a set.

* Participation form is up to you. Some people visit the course, take notes, and try to make it at a later date.

What to learn and experience in this course:

* About shōjin ryō

* Basics of Japanese food

* About vegetable dishes

* Basics of cooking

* Arrangement

* Meal preparation

* Touch new tastes and ingredients

* Japanese etiquette

* The origin and manners of Western food

* Basics of seasoning

* New recipe

* Cooking tips

The Buddhist cuisine

Shojin ryō is the basis of modern Japanese cuisine, and in recent years it often refers to vegetarian and vegan dishes, but originally it means the dishes made by monks at temples, and was the founder of Zen Buddhism and Soto Buddhism. It was established by a book by Dogen (1200-1253), "Lessons of the Book".

The way Japanese people casually eat is also meaningful. According to the recipe, we emphasize not only cutting and cooking vegetables, but also the attitude of cooking and the attitude of receiving food, and explain its importance.

At One Plate Zen, we will explain the devoted dishes offered at Zen temples and the manners of receiving them in an easy-to-understand manner by chewing them "at the Yuru devoted cooking course".

It will surely be useful for making daily meals!

Course information

      Basic edition Ichiju Sansai 3 weeks continuous course 

Unlike ordinary cooking classes, what is shōjin ryō based on the concept of shōjin ryō in Zen temple, by combining it with ingredients at home and side dishes that are usually served on the table? While learning that, we will serve it on a well-balanced set / one plate.

By serving on one plate or set, you can check the overall balance with your own eyes.

Not only the taste, but also what is missing and what should be added to make it look more beautiful as a single meal.

I will think.

For details of the contents → Basic edition Ichiju Sansai

A single month step-up course

This is a monthly class for three consecutive months, with priority given to those who have taken the basics.

It takes a little longer than the basic version, and each time you decide on a theme and cook.

Of course, we will do it until the final presentation.

Once a month, three months Lecture Series

Course dates: March 12, April 9, May 7 All Fridays

1 session: 120 minutes Tuition fee: 10000 yen for 3 sessions ($ 95.00)

Japan time 10:00 am-12: 00pm

Hawaii time 3:00 pm-5: 00 pm (the day before)

West Coast Time 5:00 pm-7: 00pm (previous day) March 12th from 6am

* One-time lessons for those who have not taken the basics are also possible.

* One-time lesson 4500 yen ($ 43.00)

For details of the contents → Step-up course

*cancellation policy

Once you send the money, we cannot refund it, but

Rights can be transferred.

Click here for application and inquiries



発酵調味料作り、使い方 2週連続講座

受講料:  12000円/$120.00  90分講座x2回  









受講料:  9000円/$90.00  90分講座x2回  







​受講料:5000円/$50.00.  90分



       楽しいZOOM 座学(1)

   English in the kitchen you should know!




   講座料:3000円/$30.00 2時間 ZOOMで座学です。


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