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Water that springs up from the earth

Off-the-grid life without public water. At my home, all the water needed for daily life, vegetable growing, swimming pools, etc. is covered by spring water.

For more than 30 years, we have been storing and using the water that springs up on the premises with a mechanism that uses water as a power source, uses a slope, and assembles it by gravity.

It's a very ecological system.


This system uses a high lifter pump .

When pumping water, it is a pump that once collects water in a temporary water storage tank, uses the slope of the land to flow the water downward, and pumps it by gravity. A high lifter pump pumps 1/5 of that amount into the two tanks above.

This stored water will be used as domestic water for your home.

Then, the excess water goes directly to the pool or garden on 4/5.

The larger tank is 2900 gallons (10977 liters) of domestic water

The small black tank is a spare tank 1500 gallons (5678 liters)

Then, in a different location, there is a temporary water storage tank, a 1500 gallon tank, that temporarily stores water.


The mountain pool is open to the locals and is a place of relaxation in the summer. It also plays the role of fire protection water for wildfires.


The amount of water we use in a day is about 100 gallons (378 liters). It is about half of the average Japanese and American.

By the way, the toilet is a flush toilet. There is also a washing machine.


Vegetables and fruits that grow well in the California sun and the water of the blessings of the earth.


Water that springs from the earth.

The blessing of the earth.

I am grateful and use it.

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