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2021 Aifusha & One Plate Zen sends

Workshop to think about food, clothing and shelter

January 16-19, 2021 3 nights 4 days
In Hilo, Hawaii
What is born from the way you live ...

What is a prosperous life?

Enjoy a relaxing and relaxing time in the untouched nature.

A long time ago, at a temple built by a Japanese who went to Hawaii, I will remind myself of my life surrounded by good old things.

While sewing with old cloth, traditional Hawaiian crafts, and making meals centered on vegetables,

You can feel that "old life may have been like this".

Date and time: Saturday, January 16th to Tuesday, January 19th

Arrived at Hilo Airport in the morning of the 16th and disbanded around noon on the 19th.

Meeting place: Hilo Airport

Venue: Kurtistown Jodo Mission, Hilo, Hawaii

Accommodation: A) Sleeping bag at the temple

B) B & B (with transfer to the temple)

C) Hotel (with transfer to the temple)

All meals will be prepared at the temple.

There are airport transfers, accommodation transfers, shopping, and sightseeing transfers.

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