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Step-up course

Originally, one juice three vegetables but (Basic) is a class of people for the learned, students one-shot course is also available in person that for the first time.
Even those who have not taken the basic course can take a single course.



Course dates: March 12, April 9, May 7 All Fridays

1 session: 120 minutes Tuition fee: 10000 yen for 3 sessions ($ 95.00)

Japan time 10:00 am-12: 00pm

Hawaii time 3:00 pm-5: 00 pm (the day before)

West Coast Time 5:00 pm-7: 00pm (previous day) March 12th from 6am

Those who have taken the basic course can take this class once a month for three consecutive months at a bargain price.

It takes a little longer than the basic version, and each time you decide on a theme and cook.

Of course, we will do it until the final presentation.

         * Cancellation

The course fee will not be refunded once you transfer it.

Rights can be transferred.

Course date:

4th Friday, March 12

* Spring picnic lunch

A lot of mixed rice

Green vegetables with mustard

Tofu steak sesame miso



5th Friday, April 9th

* Nanban pickled tofu

Maki sushi
Roasted brown rice miso soup

6th Friday, May 7th

* Chinese style set

Grilled dumplings

won-ton soup

Grilled vegetables vinegar miso dressing


* Menu is subject to change


Unlike ordinary cooking classes, we combine the ingredients at home and the side dishes that are often served on the table, and serve them on a well-balanced set / one plate.

By serving on one plate or set, you can check the overall balance with your own eyes.

As a meal, think about what you are missing and what you should add to make it look more beautiful.

We will pay attention to the selection of appropriate ingredients, cooking method, taste, color, etc., and focus on balancing the appearance and taste.

DSC_0010 25.JPG

Make effective use of the ingredients you have at home, value the concept of shōjin ryō (vegan), avoid meat, processed foods, and ready-made seasonings as much as possible, and create dishes that incorporate many plant-based (vegetable) dishes. I will.

It is not completely vegan, and sometimes it uses five vegans, which are not originally used in shōjin ryō, (vegetables of the Allioideae family with a strong fragrance), and there are menus that include soup stock such as seafood, dairy products, and eggs, but each student has their own. You can arrange and cook.


We are what we eat.

We would like to thank you for carefully cooking the whole seasonal food from the area and serving it in a colorful manner.


Application / Inquiry

Email title: "Step-up course"

Name, age, address

Please write a brief self-introduction, motivation for application, commitment to food, favorite dishes, etc.

Click ← and apply by email. About class details, ZOOM

We will send you the transfer information of the course fee.

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