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Thanksgiving Meal
American Thanksgiving food

Roast is extremely of home cooking. It's more eaten at home than at a restaurant.

In this project, we will cook traditional American Thanksgiving dishes. Although there are some regional differences, we will basically introduce what is indispensable for Thanksgiving and make it remotely with you.

This is a class for those who really want to make and see it ♪

In the United States, many families cook Christmas dinner in much the same way.

As a hospitality dish, if you can make garnish, side dishes, and side dishes as well as the main meat, the table will be more colorful and gorgeous.

I decided to give this course so that I could learn such side dishes firmly.

We will tell you how to cook with the taste of the ingredients themselves, without using unusual spices, to suit the taste of Japanese people.


Thanksgiving is ...

People who have a countryside go back to the countryside and their relatives gather, as in the case of Obon in Japan.

It is set to be the 4th Thursday of November and is a holiday in the United States. Same as Christmas day

Shopping centers and shops are closed or closed early.

In recent years, the religious implications have weakened considerably, and it is regarded as one of the important family events where relatives and friends gather, eat, and do so.

Origin of Thanksgiving ...

Thanksgiving is said to be an event to commemorate the first harvest of those who migrated from England to the colonies of Massachusetts, USA. The winter of 1620, when I arrived from England, was very severe and many people died, but the following year, I was able to survive by having the native Americans teach me the knowledge of growing crops in the New World such as corn. I did. Often in the fall of the year, we invited Native Americans who took care of the good harvest and thanked God for their grace and had a treat together.


Course content:

The course will be divided into three parts.

Pre-session (60 minutes) + 2 days continuous course (120 minutes x 2 days)

* The pre-session is a preliminary preparation, and we cannot prepare the materials.

We will talk in detail about cooking, ingredients, confirmation of tools, procedures on the day, etc.

Make sure the actual cooking goes smoothly.

Tuition fee: 8000 yen ($ 75)

Date and time:

Japan: November 15th (pre-session) 10:00 am-11:00am

               Cooking Day: November 18th, 19th 10:00 am-12: 00pm


West Coast, Hawaii: November 14th (pre-session) 3: 00pm-4: 00pm

Cooking Day: November 17th, 18th

                Hawaii time 3:00 pm-5: 00 pm

West Coast Time 5:00 pm-7: 00pm


Course flow

1. Pre-session

While explaining the food, checking the ingredients and tools, and preparing the vegetables,

I will talk about the cooking procedure in detail.

2. 1st day of cooking

Bake the meat and prepare the gravy sauce. Where to bake a big turkey

Show me, to all the participants, at home, turkey, whole chicken,

You can bake the meat to your liking, such as the part with bones.

3. 2nd day of cooking, 3 or 4 types of side dishes such as stuffing



Roast turkey or roast chicken



Mashed potato

Roasted potato

Cranberry sauce


Candide yam

Steamed asparagus

* Roast, gravy is not a vegetarian, others are vegetarian.


Join hands and thank you ♪

Happy Thanksgiving!

Application / Inquiry

Email title: "Thanksgiving food"

Name, age, address

Please write a brief self-introduction, motivation for application, commitment to food, favorite dishes, etc.

Click ← and apply by email. About class details, ZOOM

We will send you the transfer information of the course fee.

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